Saturday, June 5, 2010

And the Trip begins ..........

Finally I am in New Delhi, The Capital of India. Home to India's parliament and the Supreme court. The city which takes decisions that consequently carves the futures of more than a billion people. Till date all my information about Delhi has only come from history books and friends. For the first time I will get to know for myself if all that I have read and heard is true.

I have come to this city with some preconceived notions. I have been warned by everyone that the Rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers are just waiting for customers like me whom they can rip off easily. I hadn’t booked my hotel till the last minute and was absolutely certain that I would be shelling out about 500 to 700 rupees only to reach the hotel. Every Internet blog put up (especially by foreigners) speaks of how the money divide is huge in Delhi and how crowded and chaotic the markets are here.

Of course the history books are full with all the major events that took place here over the last 2000 years. Not to mention the fact that the capital city of the pandavas, Indraprastha is very close to this very city as well. In a sense Delhi has been the capital of India for about 5000 years now.

Today I will be clearing all these doubts that I have. I will be trying to speak with people to check if what I have heard is true or not. Visiting as many monuments as I can and clicking as many pictures as possible. I need to make this day as fruitful as possible. I also have a lot of shopping to do for Ladakh. Need to buy a card reader (Forgot to pack my data transfer cable  ), An additional batter for my camera (Which I could not buy in Bombay) and of course good sun glasses (Which I did not have and need to protect my eyes from UV radiation in Ladakh  ).

Finding the Hotel was the easiest thing for me. There was always an element of doubt if the room would be good, and I must say I am not disappointed. The Room is big spacious and very comfy. I could spend my time sleeping all day in the room and still it would not be a waste of time. But then again I have a lot of things to do today  . I have not yet had my first brush with the Taxi drivers here. I took a prepaid meru so that don’t get ripped off. I reached my hotel in 300 rs, much less than the estimated amount. However the driver was probably not happy dropping me at Kirti nagar (Quite close to the Airport) and kept complaining about how meru has converted him into a postman from a taxi driver.

The ride was smooth and the hotel quite good. All I could think off after reaching the place was “Sleep”.

I hope today, I am actually able to see the city without any hassles. I am almost through with my tour plan. Don’t see any scope to travel on the Delhi metro. Possibly I will experience it when I am back on the 13th.
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