Monday, August 18, 2008

The illuminated Iliad ! ! !

A week ago I got my iLiad ….

I have been vying for this for the last six months. It arrived on Tuesday and ever since I have not been able to keep it down. One sad thing about it was that it does not support PPPoE. I have not yet connected it to the iDS. But all said and done it is a great device.

I have been reading “Moonseed”, a science fiction book written by Stephen Baxter on my iLiad . I can’t help wondering that the iliad it self is something of out science fiction for me. I got my first Computer when I was 20 years old. Till then I was working on my college PC and building 16 bit applications in Pascal and turbo C. Eight years down the line I own my own e-book reader with a touch screen. Astonishingly it is faster and cheaper than the fist PC I bought. I guess as long as Moore’s Law remains valid, I will very soon own a colour tablet PC of that size with a lot more features within the next five years. I am a die hard fan of the Star Trek series. I never imagined that one day I will be carrying a digital pad like Captain Jean luke Picard or Geordi La Forge did. Guess the next thing to expect is a communicator like the one they have in the series (or may be it already is available for a huge cost).

It’s been fun using the iLiad. I can write notes, keep a personalized dairy and make annotations on the PDF. The last one week has been very amusing for me exploring the different features in the iLiad and reading books in it. I went though some technical docs which described how E-ink technology works. Guess the technology is still in its nascent stage and a lot of work needs to be done in that direction. I am a little disappointed as the iLiad takes some time open books in html format and annotations are only enabled for PDF files and not other formats. Also the page flip speed is not up to the mark. But I find the reading experience better than paper backs. The internal memory is only 256MB out of which only 128MB can be accessed by the user. A CF card or a MMC card is a must if you want to keep a lot of online books on it. One really amazing feature of the iLiad is zoom for PDF files. Most of the PDF files are formatted in A4 size and the iLiad is roughly A5 size.

As time goes by I may face problems with the contrast and other stuff which users have written about in iLiad Forums. But for now, my new toy is keeping me quite busy.



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