Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Re-Igniting Blogs

Its been a very long time since I actually wrote a blog (not that 2 was a large number to begin with), But Recent events seem to inspire (or should I say Instigate) me to write again.

A Lot has changed since I wrote my last blog. I see more and more of my friends writing something every day. Pouring their hearts out and being much more honest about their feelings in blogs. I get to see a different person whenever I read a blog written by my friend. I read AB’s Interview in which he has said that writing Blogs is like opening my doors to everyone. I believe that was one of the reasons why I did stop writing. I did receive a lot of flak for the first two I wrote. People laughing and pointing the futility of bringing out petty issues like media not being responsible and letting people known how successful the T20 World Cup was, When they already knew it J . But I must add here that Amir Khan and AB are also not spared for writing their thoughts in blogs.

So I sat again today to gather my thoughts (messy thoughts). Which wander without purpose; which has no need to stay in one place for more than a minute, which can travel huge distances in seconds and look into the minds and hearts of people…..



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