Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Myth called GOD ?????

Today I was debating with a close friend the Concepts of Advaita and Dvaita Vedantic Philosophy. I have always been inspired by Shri Adi Shankara‘s version of GOD and my friend is an ardent follower of Shri Madhavacharya. But later in the day my mind did wander a bit… It wandered off to a book which I had read some time back and which challenged my concept of GOD through logic and science.

“Myth” has it etymological origins in the word “Mythya”. The word means False or untrue in Sanskrit. The search for truth in Hinduism is akin to the search for GOD. As Per Hinduism the one and only truth is GOD. Richard Dawkins in his Book “The GOD Delusion” certainly questions this so called fundamental truth to a huge extent. His reasoning is clear and his logic is flawless. Questioning your faith in GOD is the most difficult thing to do. When I discussed this book with my friends most of them were shocked that one book could make me challenge my beliefs. When I asked them to read the book for themselves, one of them was not even willing to touch the book fearing reprisal from GOD. The book converted me from a normal non fanatical believer in GOD to an agonistic. But being an agonistic was never simple. I was not able to accept the fact that my life had no purpose and that I would account to nothing after death and that no part of me would survive once I am burnt in the pyre. It was at this time that as more forcefully drawn to the Advaita philosophy.

I do think I am at peace with GOD for now. I probably have a few answers to the questions raised by Richard Dawkins. However I am still far off from convincing myself beyond doubt that GOD is not just a Myth invented by Man. My own introspection convinces me that there will never come a time in human history when the belief in God is done away with. Many Science fiction writers do imagine a world were the GOD delusion is abandoned once and for all. But I find this hard to accept. Man has always sought GOD in some form or the other. He has sacrificed himself and killed others in his quest for seeking him. Now I would like to point out that the gender of God is another totally different debate. But that is a question I will ask myself once I am convinced of the existence of GOD.

Religion still plays an important part in the legal system of every country. It can have a positive or a negative impact on the people of the country. There are nations where in you can be hanged for questioning and not believing in a particular type of GOD prescribed by the Government. The surprising thing is that the same is true in Communist countries like China where the government promotes the abandonment of the concept of GOD. Of course in their Case GOD is General Mao Zedong. Criticize him at your own peril. They are no more rational than fanatical countries like Iran.

GOD has always been the corner stone of Culture and tradition. Religion the bane of all evils we face in society. These two have always existed and will continue to exist. Our quest to find the purpose of life, if there is one will finally end with GOD. But will we ever be able to distinguish between Truth and Myth? Will we ever get a definitive answer to the question “Does GOD Exist”? I am sure I will not get an answer for this question in my lifetime.


LAN on August 24, 2008 at 10:43 PM said...

ha, nice try; still I will not read that book!!
and God exists

DRJG on October 16, 2008 at 11:51 AM said...

Once upon a time Galileo had direct perception of moons of Jupiter and his persecutors had all the arguments to the contrary -

George Bernard Shaw was known to be able to present contradictory views of any debate at the same time with equal ease, if there was no one able to present the view contradicting his presentation. And he was equally irrefutable on both sides generally.

It is not a matter of logic any more than it is of faith, and really until you perceive directly you have no reason to have faith either way.

This is true of most experiences, of a lesser level too - why should it be any different for the greates one? If someone else experiences love it does not mean you have to experience it or have faith or see it logically, for example, but if and when you do you will know the truth of it.

Most humanity is fooled one way or the other in either quest by the same faulty logic - if someone else experiences love or something higher, either everyone has to take it on faith or it has to be proven or disproved logically.

Not true. Wait for your own perception, your own experience.

Agnostic (or did you really mean agonistic?) is better than atheist, logically.


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