Friday, June 6, 2008

Here come the Rains ……….

The monsoons have arrived in Mumbai, It has hit Mumbai around 3 to 4 days in advance, but certainly are a welcome relief to me.

The monsoon is certainly my favorite season. I wouldn’t miss the sweet smell of the soil after the first rains for anything on earth. The rains bring in with them the most pleasant memories of my life. My mind wanders of to my childhood days. I always enjoyed getting wet and dirty in the first rains as a kid. In fact it was one of the customs followed by me and my friends every year. Rains certainly meant going back to school and an end to the summer vacations. But I do not remember even a single year when I was dismayed about the rains hitting Mumbai and having to go back to school.

In his Poem “The Rainy Day”, Rabindranath Tagore mirrors the feeling of every parent when he says …

Sullen clouds are gathering fast over the black fringe of the forest.
O child, do not go out!

But I guess children are not the ones to adhere to all these rules and regulations. Yesterday when it was drizzling a bit in the evening, I could clearly hear the children playing outside yelling with joy. One look outside the window and I saw almost all the kids in my locality, jumping around the garden. Some were just enjoying the rains while others were showing off their brightly coloured umbrellas to their friends.

Today when the first heavy rains hit Bombay, the first thing I and my colleagues did was to leave our work at the desk to go down and have look at it. There were no shouts and shrieks of joy like the kids, nor did we go outside to get fully drenched. But the joy was evident in every ones eyes. There was nothing but positive and happy thoughts in our minds.

Bombay has had its share of problems with the rains. I will probably never be able to forget 26th July. I was working in Navi Mumbai back then. The long trek back to Andheri was probably the most challenging thing I have done in the last 3 years. Mumbai did come to a halt for two days and I was down for another two days on account of high fever. However these rains seldom bring back those memories. I do hope I don’t face such problems this season and get to enjoy every minute of it.



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